Italy's Authentic Wood-Fired Pizza
Tre Figlie, LLC
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Artisan Pizza
Tre Figlie, LLC 

We serve authentic Italian Wood-Fired Pizza by following the traditions of pizza making from Naples, Italy. Authentic because we use the receipts, tools, techniques and ingredients that have been an Italian way of life for hundreds of years. 

Authentic because we cook with an Italian wood-burning oven at temperatures ranging from 700 to 900 degrees just as Italian pizzerias cook pizza. 

Our “00” flour for the dough is from Italy as well as the San Marzano tomatoes used in our tomato sauce; arguably the most delicious tomatoes in the world. 

Halloween is on a Friday This Year - Have the Party at Your Place

Other dates to consider having an Authentic Italian Fresh Pizza party:
  • Ryder Cup - Saturday September 27th or Sunday September 28th
  • Rivalry Game - Florida vs Florida State, Saturday November 29th
  • Rivalry Game - Alabama vs Auburn, Saturday November 29th
  • Rivalry Game - Notre Dame vs USC, Saturday November 29th 
  • ​SEC Championship Game - Saturday December 6th
  • ACC Championship Game - Saturday December 6th